Industry and Corporate Profile

Quadisco incorporated in the State of Pennsylvania during the mid-eighties for the purpose of being a provider of Custom Voice and Call Processing technologies. Specifically, we custom developed "Interactive Voice Response", "AudioTex", "Voice-mail/Auto-Attendant", "Fax on Demand" and "Call Center" products for the region's large and small businesses. Since then Quadis has been delivering highly customized voice applications. Applications typically out of financial reach for most business were provided by Quadis at costs significantly less than the industries out-of-box solutions. -- Out-of-box solutions that often fell short of expectations.

Our founders at the time had nearly fifty year’s combined experience in the telecommunications and computer industries. Their experience gave them the insight to predict an incredible market opportunity in the Voice Processing sector of the telecommunications industry. Their success as managers within this very same industry gave them the confidence they needed, as well as the financial footing to join forces and pursue their dreams. First came the business plan, which further crystallized their vision, and made it easier for desired recruits to share their vision. Next came pulling together the company's core team. Having the good fortune of recruiting some of the industries best talent allowed Quadis to surface very quickly as one of the region’s most successful custom providers of Voice and Call Processing Products. A unique company was formed. A Company whose drive, creativity and passion for serving the customer’s need quickly allowed them to "one-up" their competition by building a highly profitable "Customer Driven" business model. -- This while the industry was settling on being only "Market Driven".

In the early nineties, Quadis aggressively sought distribution channels for its numerous voice products and services so that it could expand beyond Voice & Call Processing and apply its unique ability to create custom solutions to a broader spectrum of telecommunications products. Market demand required that Quadis expand its reach into the very technology it had integrated so many of its voice products with – the PBX. Having worked with PBX products from all of the world's major manufacturers -- Quadis actively pursued relationships with those whose product platforms offered an open hardware and software architecture. An open architecture combined with Quadis’ custom development talents, and "Customer Driven" focus, gave birth to a company whom could add unprecedented value, through customization, to products once thought a commodity. After ten years Quadis is still proud to offer, in addition to its own custom voice solutions, -- PBX products manufactured by NEC, Telecor and AVAYA, - three of the worlds most prominent manufacturers of voice and data communications products.

Today Quadis continues to stand committed to providing its customers access to the industry's most flexible voice and data products. All our product manufacturers subscribe to a philosophy of an open architecture, thus allowing for the custom development of features, applications and continuing technological advancement of the product. A Quadis customer will never be faced with accepting and paying for products that have a premeditated technological life of five years. Our management remains committed to delivering the highest level of personalized and customized services available to our clientele, while always providing a cost-effective alternative to existing out-of-box offerings. Quadis has built its business and reputation by providing unique services to our clients that are not available from our competitors. We welcome your inquiries and consideration. We trust you will find our approach refreshing, and hope the result of your review yields a partnership between our organizations.
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