Quadis Unique Services

Why Quadis?

Read on to learn about the many extraordinary services offered to our valued customers. Many of which designed to add dollars to our customer’s BOTTOM-LINE.

Quantifiable SAVINGS!
Take it to the bank, BUCKS!"
Be sure to ask you Sales Representative for all the details
and conditions that apply to these FANTASTIC BENEFITS.

Here's Why!

Quadis Re-marketing program
We’ll sell your old telephone system! -- Think! Your old telephone system has the most value to another business in need. That’s where you will get your biggest dollars. Not from the pennies on the dollar offered by our competitors.

Free end-user training for life
Provide annual refresher training to your employees and/or include telephone and voice-mail training as part of your new employee orientation.

Professional Voice-over Talent
We use professional voice-over talent to record your Voice-mail systems greetings and prompts. This ensures a pleasant and professional reception to all your callers.

Free annual label changes for your telephones
If you look at your current telephone chances are one or two of the buttons are mis-labeled and/or not labeled at all. Attention to details set us apart. We’ll help you keep these things updated.

Free Telco Coordination
We'll deal with the coordination of your local and long distance facilities during the installation. You have enough on your plate.

24 Hour Web Access to Support
Customers involved in our beta test of our new support site love the speed with which they can get their needs met.

Custom Software Development
Quadis is one of the few providers of voice & data network products and services who routinely tap in to our programming talents to "CREATE" for our customers.

Free Software Upgrades
That’s right! Always have the latest version of software on your system.

Product Purchase Rebates
Purchase a new system or simply add-ons to an existing system and at the end of each year receive a rebate for a percentage of your purchases.

Service Contract Rebates
Service contract customers will receive an annual rebate based on a percentage of their annual service contract.

Trade-in guarantee for any Quadis system
Just ask, and we'll let you know today, in writing, what we will buy any Quadis system back for after two, three or four years of use.

Multi-Year Service Agreements
Our Service Contracts are already competitive when renewed on an annual basis. Our multi-year contracts are practically a no-brainer. A better value, by far.

Five unique service plans
Not sure how you feel about service contracts. Coverage shouldn't be an investment gamble. We’re certain we have just the right protection for you. Protect your investment and save money!

Semi-Annual Preventative Maintenance on all products
That’s right! The best insurance against costly failures is scheduled check-ups with preventive maintenance procedures.
No Overtime Rates
One flat labor rate for service. We’re here to serve you, not gouge you. If you respect our employee’s need to be with their families in the off hours by limiting your off hour requests for our services; we’ll charge you our regular labor rate regardless of the time of day, or day of week you need us.

Free telephone and/or modem support
Need help? Forgot how to do something? Don’t worry about being charged if you need to call us for a reminder, or support. Just call us!

Free System Users Guide
We don’t know where these training documents go either. Odds are that even though every employee received a Users Guide when they went through the initial training, only a fraction of your employees has the original one. That’s okay. Call us!

Free Consultation Services
Not getting the efficiencies or reception you thought you would get with this new technology? Or, recent programming changes didn't address that nagging issue? Call us! Let us explore all the possibilities with you.

Guaranteed Service Response Times
We’re available twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We guarantee in writing our response times to major and minor service calls --as well as small and large adds, moves or changes.

Guaranteed pricing for all add-on-parts
No getting you on the back end. Often time we as consumers find that acquiring that new piece of technology was fairly painless. In fact a great deal. However, need something serviced, or want to add equipment, options, or supplies after the sale? Watch out! Ask us in advance of the sale what your after the sale costs will be. We’ll gladly provide it to you in writing.

Cover Insurance Deductible (up to $1,000.00) for systems damaged by Lightning
Act of God. That’s what lighting damaged is considered in legal terms. Did you know that literally all equipment service contracts exclude liability for failures caused by an Act of God. Between the insurance company's payment of damages and Quadis' contribution to your deductible, this Act of God won't cost you.

Guaranteed support of your system for as long as you own it.
You will never get that letter that’s become so very common now a days. The one that states that your vendor "will no longer be supporting your system after" a certain date. -- Reason given – "too costly to maintain and impossible to find parts". However, they'll "gladly take that system in on trade" for the their latest offering. This will never happen with Quadis. You decide when its time to retire your technology, NOT our sales department.

Yes there’s much more! We pride ourselves in our innovative approaches to serving our customers. Become a registered guest and get the complete list of services you’re entitled to as a Quadis customer.
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